Glamour Photography & Boudoir Photography

Stuart Riddell Portraits is a studio located in Auckland, specialising in glamour photography and boudoir photography. Stuart Riddell is an award-winning studio that specialises in creating sensual portraits of women, capturing their femininity and natural beauty. We have created a number of women fantasy photo series that have won both national and international acclaim.Our boudoir and glamour photography studio in Auckland, New Zealand has everything you need to capture your fantasies and create photos that are uniquely you. Our stylist and make-up artist will work with you to bring and out highlight your best features, while creating a style that suits your personality. From the exotic European settings, to the lighting, luxurious clothing and jewellery, this is all about you and your dreams. This is your time to create a fantasy, a mystery, a memory; captured in a gorgeous collection of glamour & boudoir portraits and photographs.

What Sets Stuart Riddell Apart?

We are an award-winning studio that is located in Auckland. We have been creating portraits that bring out the beauty and femininity of women for over 25 years. We do this in our large, indoor studio that is filled with unique, exotic sets inspired by the romance of Europe. We combine this with professional lighting, a beautiful wardrobe selection and commercial make-up to create glamorous photos that highlight you and your unique personality.

Another thing that sets Stuart Riddell apart, is that we are a professional, commercial studio that offers photos at affordable rates and prices, with weekly payments available. We also offer commercial model photography services at competitive prices. To find out more, please get in touch with us and talk to us today about your needs.

A Luxurious, Sensual Photo Shoot

We understand that the key to capturing the best photos is to ensure that you feel relaxed. That is why we make sure that all of our customers and clients feel welcome and supported in a friendly, warm environment.

Your experience begins before you enter our studio, as you walk down our leafy lane. Then, when you come in, you will wait in our sun-filled lounge featuring comfy chairs and delicious hot drinks; from our cappuccino to hot chocolate. You can browse through our magazines, books or look at a selection of our glamour and boudoir photos lining the wall for inspiration for your photo shoot. We will then begin, with our make-up artist and stylist bring out your natural beauty in a set that has been specially selected to be perfect for you.

Contact Us Today

Click here to browse a selection of our glamour portfolio pictures. To speak to us and organise a free no-obligation creative meeting, then please contact us today. We will talk to you about your wants, needs and desires to help you create sensual, feminine photos that bring our your beauty and personality.