Over the years we have evolved from conventional photographers into much more exciting portrait artists. We are creating fine-art portraits with unique surreal qualities that capture feelings and evoke emotions. Our portraits are best described as natural and spontaneous, with an artistic impression giving a timeless appeal.

We use artistic skill and craftsmanship to flatter you in every way. The lighting techniques that we use enable us to create stunning images capturing the character and personality of the faces you hold precious and dear.

Our large indoor studio is full of amazing sets and settings that enable us to create the right look and feel to suit each individual we photograph. And being indoors means no more squinting into the sun or dodging puddles in the rain.

We have taken advantage of the latest photographic digital equipment and have uniquely blended that technology with craftsmanship from years gone by. In fact our studio is considered by many portrait photographers and photographic suppliers as one of the best in digital photography.

That may sound impressive – but it’s only important to you if it means a relaxed portrait session and creative portraits at an affordable price. You’ll get all of that and much, MUCH more. In fact our portraits can be purchased for as little as $20 per week.

With 25 years of camera and lighting know-how, we have combined the human touch of knowing how to put you at ease in front of the lens. Our photographs are different, not stiff and posed, but natural and relaxed. This is why our portraits always stand out from the crowd.